Guest Essay Submissions

Michigan Radio and Generation Y Michigan are inviting the audience to submit guest essays for publication on this website. Please read this entire page, as it contains important information. Send the essay as an attachment to, and include a short bio, contact email (if different than the one used for submission), and a photo of yourself.

The essay should focus on the topic of young adults in Michigan, and the reasons why they would move to, stay in or leave the state. These can be based on personal experience, observation, interviews or research. The length should be at least 500 words (and it can be split into multiple pages or parts, if necessary). Your essay should be an elaboration on a theme or idea — in other words, please don’t submit a list of pros or cons about Michigan. Feel free to include an image to go with your essay, as long as you created it or you have the right to use it (include a link to the original image if it’s a Creative Commons photo from Flickr or a free-use image from a stock photo website like Stock.xchng).

Aside from the subject requirement, we also ask that guest contributors help promote their essay in any way possible. Please send the link to friends, family and coworkers, and post the URL on your personal website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc.

Essays will be subject to the terms of Michigan Radio’s User Agreement, specifically in regard to discrimination and hate speech. Michigan Radio will not edit the content of essays, but we may make grammatical corrections according to AP Style.

We want to clarify that we will not be taking pitches, selecting from submissions or paying for essays. We will publish any essay that meets our general guidelines. is published under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA license. By submitting, the author agrees to have the essay published under the conditions of this license. These contributor requirements are subject to change at any time.

Please email Web Content Administrator Nick Meador at if you run into any problems.